Pat Enborg and Peter Rakobowchuk a.k.a. Peter Ray, Our husband, reporter for The Canadian Press with the two names, two wives, two lives and many lies (Revised and Reedited) 

Peter Rakobowchuk incognito Peter Ray, my-ex-her-present-husband and his now-wife that proverbial stepmother Patricia/Pat Enborg

It was shocking to find out on the net, after all these years that Peter Rakobowchuk aka Peter Ray and Patricia/Pat Enborg, his now-wife had known each other in Ottawa before Peter abandoned us, his first legal family, his first wife and only child at my parents. with no money to go back with or a home to go back to in Canada, nor any means of making a living in Hungary as a Canadian visitor. They moved our home from Ottawa to Quebec with all my belongings.

Where and how Patricia/Pat Enborg got her husband

Patricia Enborg, now Peter's wife and campaign manager started working as reporter on Parliament Hill about the time Peter did.. She lies on her on blog claiming she worked there only in the mid-eighties but her post on Gordon V.Grant page she wrote "early 80's" the truth as she had no reason yet to lie then.

An Ontario gal, in her early-mid 20's got such a prestigious, journalist job in the early 80's! on Parliament Hill, with a Manitoba paper (Selkirk News). She surely didn’t have the needed journalistic experience. Weren't there more deserving journalists with real experience in Winnipeg or in the whole of Manitoba to send to Ottawa?


In just a couple of short years, (with us, Peter's legal, first family sent and left in Hungary in the eighties) Patricia appears by Peter Rakobowchuk aka Peter Ray side in Quebec City, Montreal... holding prestigious mainstream media jobs at CJAD... CBC...etc..

Soon Patricia has everything that was mine; a "pret-a-porter" home, a husband (or boyfriend) with a steady career, who can help hers, all our furniture, our car, our household items etc., my very expensive fur coat I had bought in Montreal before meeting Peter, more furniture of mine, personal papers, things, books, paintings, etc.... I am sure they sold the book of profile pictures of Jerry Lodge Agency (Michael J. Fox was in it too), with hundreds of actors and actresses, models. A true history of Vancouver and the entertainment world of the time.

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These things, the small fraction of our stuff with my husband was stolen by Patricia/Pat Enborg and my husband

They didn't give back anything, furniture, my blue fox fur coat, personal papers, books, paintings; wouldn't even give back our daughter's beloved Barbie house. They had no children at the time.

In her eagerness to defame me, to discredit me and to bully and intimidate my daughter she didn't even realize she had just admitted robbing me of all my things and keeping for themselves everything.

All these supplemented with then-still-my-husband Peter Rakobowchuk's substantial salary of which she wouldn't even share a penny with Peter's only legal, natural child at the time.

Patricia (Pat) Enborg had a job as a journalist, no children for nearly ten years, only after I sued Peter for child support, yet took all my possessions (or the money from them).

Back in Canada, Peter Rakobowchuk and Patricia (Pat) Enborg moved far from Ottawa, traveled, lived and worked in the same cities in Quebec, met new people that didn't know them, so they could lie, nobody would question two journalists. Patricia used the chance to try to get the fame money and power she had never got by pushing Peter into politics.

The LBPSB page, connected to this link, bearing Peter Rakobowchuk's LIE, defaming us, was changed in 2014, after SIX YEARS, but with their LIE on the net for so many years our defamation to discredit us was done. Still NO APOLOGIES, NO CORRECTION since, that Peter Rakobowchuk a.k.a. Peter Ray is the father of THREE children, including Giselle, his first natural, legitimate daughter from his first Canadian marriage of eight years with Agota Szabo artist!

Link: (CLICK on Candidates below School Board Elections)

With us living in Europe, social media undeveloped Peter Rakobowchuk dared to lie he had only two children, which means in Kirkland nobody knew anything about us, his first legal, Canadian family or his past married life with us ..

Patricia Enborg, second wife of Peter, communication expert must have written the slanderous lie and put it up on the LBPSB website to begin a still ongoing very dirty smear campaign against us we had no knowledge of until recently.

This PUBLIC, lying statement of Peter Rakobowchuk was/is then used to defame me and my daughter to discredit us, by sending the link to chosen people like journalists and politicians. Patricia spread lies about us from The Canadian Press e-mail (IP) addresses of Peter Rakobowchuk or Peter Ray and reserved this lie on the website of LBPSB for six years to keep it accessible and readable especially in Hungary and Canada.

Their worst lie was that Giselle was not Peter's daughter from Canada but a Ukrainian or Russian refuge. They knew small towns, as they look down on people living there (especially Eastern Europe) thinking them gullible and backward, would believe anything written by a "Canadian god of the Olympus of journalism". She probably never wears her husband's name because she is ashamed of as it is NOT ENGLISH it's sounding too "Eastern".

Beginning of the correspondence below between Giselle and her father Peter Rakobowchuk we didn't realize it was also the beginning of the smear campaign against us

Peter Rakobowchuk aka Peter Ray, "The Canadian Press" reporter's articles, photos are being published in mainstream media, giving their LIES credibility. As a former journalist Pat Patricia Enborg must be helped by her old "friends".

Why would a reporter use two different names at the same company, at the same time? It is unheard of, as unusual, as a father denying the existence of his own, natural, legitimate, grown up daughter with all her Canadian documents to prove it, only to keep up the web of lies he and Patricia Enborg have been living for years and built a life on.

Peter Rakobowchuk didn't want to pay child support for his own child, Giselle, his lawyer wrote, Peter had to support Patricia (Pat) Enborg his new wife a journalist, childless "career woman" with a good job in radio and keep up a new house he had bought.

Peter Rakobowchuk a "true parent representative" didn't want to pay child support for his own child, Giselle, his lawyer wrote Peter had to support Patricia (Pat) Enborg his new wife a young journalist, childless "career woman" with a good job in radio and a new house he had bought.

I only got child support from him after the Court ordered him to pay! Less than 10% of is salary.

February 12, 2003
cfny who's who


Patricia (Pat) Enborg
Worked in Toronto...Parliament Hill, Ottawa...Montreal...Quebec City...Montreal...just like Peter
she worked a lot in fundraising...

"along the way" she married Peter Ray, a.k.a Peter Rakobowchuk my ex-husband, legal, biological father of Giselle.

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