Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Giselle Rakobowchuk, Peter Rakobowchuk a.k.a Peter Ray, The Canadian Press reporter's daughter during her last year as university student, giving a presentation at a conference at University of Pecs in Hungary

Giselle Rakobowchuk, Last Year Student, Daughter of Peter Rakobowchuk Giving a Presentation at a Conference at University of Pecs in Hungary

Giselle Rakobowchuk, daughter of Canadian Press reporter Peter Rakobowchuk from his first marriage with Agota Szabo. Although she was born and grew up in Canada she finished her BA Sociology at the University of Pécs with excellent marks.

Here, below some photos taken during her last year at university. She was honored to have been asked to give a presentation at a conference.

The distingushed professors and visitors

Giselle Rakobowchuk giving a preserntation at University of Pecs

Giselle Rakobowchuk with some of the professors

Giselle Rakobowchuk at university

Giselle with her friend at university

Giselle going out with some friend, peers at university

LINKS to Pécsi Tudományegyetem website (University of Pécs) with her name: (First link a published study, second link a research with three professors of the University of Pécs and third links to the invitation to the conference again with her name):

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