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That faceless Peter Ray, former news director at CKO news radio, Vancouver, alias of the real person Peter Rakobowchuk, my ex-husband. Now working under both names at "The Canadian Press"

For a journalist of forty years, with articles published regularly in mainstream media, the lack of his face and recent images of him on the internet is really conspicuous. Before, he could often be seen on locations, at the scenes, among the other reporters. Now, except for some old photos I put up of our life together, there are only a couple of photos of him, closer to his present age,  
NOWHERE on the net Patricia/Pat Enborg and Peter Rakobowchuk's names are linked together as a married couple. Some posts say Patricia/Pat Enborg is the wife of Peter Ray never of Peter Rakobowchuk.

NO photos of Peter Rakobowchuk or "Peter Ray" together with his second wife Patricia/Pat Enborg and/or with their children. As public figures (journalists and politicians), expecting to be elected for public posts it is highly unusual.

And...why does Peter Rakobowchuk alias Peter Ray need and allowed to use two (three with Twitter) different names, different jobs within the same company The Canadian Press?

A recent conversation between journalist (my ex-husband) Peter Rakobowchuk and our daughter, Giselle proved his lacking some of the most basic knowledge of the internet. Putting up articles to the same spot is not expertise.
Peter also showed a great dependence on Patricia as "I'll have to ask PAT" was his only decision making. 
But no worries, wife, Patricia/Pat Enborg, a  "digital media tech savvy" can make up for what he is lacking....
          His conversation with Giselle, his first daughter also showed a great dependence on             "PAT", his wife
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                                 who wrote the original I wonder

Patricia/Pat Enborg, his "campaign manager" is doing most of the talking and writing for her husband. or often instead of him, too. She is quite capable of doing Peter's job.

Living with Peter as his wife-campaign manager gives Patricia unlimited access to Peter's computer (with its IP address) e-mails, all internet accounts

Patricia/Pat Enborg can/could at any time use all Peter's internet accounts especially his e-mails to send letters to anyone from his IP addresses in Peter Rakobowchuk or the alias Peter Ray's name, even that of The Canadian Press, so the sender (e.g. Pat Enborg) gets immediate credibility and acceptance.

Patricia/Pat Enborg, his "campaign manager" is doing most of the talking and writing for her husband. or often instead of him, too. 
She is quite capable to do Peter's job.

Patricia, an organizer, a "know it all" busybody, lecturing even Bob Gainey, coach of The Montreal Habs,.


This same journalist, Peter Rakobowchuk alias Peter Ray, my ex-husband has been hiding on Twitter ever since our daughter, Giselle started tweeting in early 2012
Peter claims his Twitter is a journalist's account for The Canadian Press, but accessible only to a few people.
                                                                @Peter_R_Space's Tweets are protected.
The Space Guy for The Canadian Press.         Only confirmed followers have access to @Peter_R_Space's 
ALSO reporting major news events in the
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.     Montreal,Canada
      Joined July 2009

Tweet to Peter R. Rakobowchuk


Faces of Peter Ray, faceless, elusive, former news director at CKO Vancouver, incognito of Peter Rakobowchuk, my ex-husband, father of our daughter, Giselle. Peter is now working under both names at "The Canadian Press"

I've been posting a lot about a faceless, elusive journalist Peter Rakobowchuk incognito Peter Ray, my ex-husband and father of our daughter,Giselle and of his never having photos of himself on the net, finally Ive decided indstead of waiting for his postings I should do it myself

  Long time ago, living together                                   More recent, denying his own past

Peter Rakobowchuk aka Peter Ray
Peter Rakobowchuk incognito Peter Ray

Peter Rakobowchuk aka Peter Ray

Peter Rakobowchuk, first time father

Peter_R_Space (Rakobowchuk)

Peter Ray,Vancouver CKO news director

Peter_R_Space Peter Rakobowchuk aka Peter Ray

Peter Ray Vancouver CKO news director

Peter Rakobowchuk aka Peter Ray

Wedding of Peter Rakobowchuk and Agota Szabo

Wedding of Peter Rakobowchuk aka Peter Ray and 
Agota Szabo

Wedding of Peter Rakobowchuk and Agota Szabo


It's incredible that he had the nerve to campaign in 2008 to represent good, caring and decent parents as School Board Commissioner in 2008, when he denied his own legal daughter's existence with his fraudulent, defamatory lie that he had two children.

With us living in Europe then, social media still quite undeveloped Peter Rakobowchuk dared to lie and declare that he had only two children, which means nobody knew anything about us, his first legal, Canadian family nor his past married life with us in Kirkland..

Patricia Enborg, second wife of Peter, communication expert must have written the slanderous lie and put it up on the LBPSB website to begin a still ongoing very dirty smear campaign against us we had no knowledge of until recently.

This PUBLIC, slanderous, lying statement of Peter Rakobowchuk was then used to defame me and my daughter to discredit usby sending the link of this site to chosen order to avoid legal actions and criminal charges in Canada. Likely, it was/is Patricia spreading lies about us from The Canadian Press e-mail (IP) addresses of Peter Rakobowchuk or Peter Ray and reserved this preposterous lie on the website of LBPSB for six years to assure it'd stay accessible and readable ANY TIME, ANYWHERE specially in Hungary and Canada for people they chose to inform like journalists and politicians. One of the worst lie was that Giselle was not from Canada but was a Ukrainian or Russian refuge. They like small towns like my hometown as they look down on people living there (especially Eastern Europethinking them really gullible and backward to believe anything written by a "Canadian god of the Olympus of journalism".  She probably never wears her husband's name because she is ashamed of as it is NOT ENGLISH it's too "Eastern" sounding.

Beginning of the correspondence below between Giselle and her father Peter Rakobowchuk we didn't realize it was also the beginning of the smear campaign against us

After years of my daughter's and my defamation on the Lester B. Pearson School Board site LBPSB the page was changed in September 2014, but still NO RETRACTION, NO APOLOGIES and NO CORRECTION as of today (October 2014) that he has THREE children, including his first, legal child from his first legal marriage with his first legal wife, Agota Szabo.

Peter Rakobowchuk aka Peter Ray, "The Canadian Press" reporter's articles, photos are being continually published in mainstream media, giving their LIES credibility, but ruining Giselle's and mine. Patricia/Pat Enborg as a former journalist.must be calling upon all her old contacts to help her. 

She must also be doing Peter's internet work as he lacks even some of the very basic knowledge (just like many older reporters) of the net as his conversation with Giselle, his daughter proved it.

Why else would a reporter use two different names at the same company, at the same time? It is unheard of, as unusual, as a father denying the existence of his own, natural, legitimate, grown up daughter, to keep up the web of lies he and Patricia Enborg have been living for years and built a life on.

 Peter Rakobowchuk a "true parent representative" didn't want to pay child support for his own child, Giselle, his lawyer wrote Peter had to support Patricia (Pat) Enborg his new wife a young journalist, childless "career woman" with a good job in radio and a new house he had bought.

I only got child support from him after the Court ordered him to pay! Less than 10% of is salary. 

February 12, 2003

cfny who's who

Patricia (Pat) Enborg

Worked in Toronto...Parliament Hill, Ottawa...Montreal...Quebec City...Montreal...just like Peter

she worked a lot in fundraising...

"along the way" she married Peter Ray, a.k.a Peter Rakobowchuk my ex-husband, legal, biological father of Giselle.

Peter Ray (BN) IS Peter Rakobowchuk (The Canadian Press)

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Family Album ( V ) with Peter Rakobowchuk alias Peter Ray, my Ex-husband and Giselle, Our Daughter... Lies her father (Peter Rakobowchuk aka Peter Ray) told you… (Part I)
...and the truth he didn't...
According to Peter Rakobowchuk alias Peter Ray and/or second wife Patricia/Pat Enborg these are happenings that never happened... (Part 5)

Peter Ray, incognito of Peter Rakobowchuk lost his news director job at Vancouver CKO because of racist remarks he made on the air. I, believing the story he invented about this (he really is good at making up lies) as he begged me to move with him to Ontario, gave up my great career as modelling director, working with Marie Morton, legendary talent agent, owner of Jerry Lodge Talent Agency, home at the time to Michael J. Fox.

Marie Morton and Agota Szabo

Marie and Michael 

Marie and Agatha in the offices at Jerry Lodge

After visiting my parents in Hungary with Peter, we moved to Ontario where he found a job. I barely started looking for work in the same field, when I had to make yet another life changing choice, now between career and family life, at least for a while

Me and Suzie by Lake Ontario
Peter Rakobowchuk with Suzie by Lake Onta

Glamour has a tendency to fade with keeping house for a husband a baby and a great dane
And so does with glamour the love of a gigolo type husband too fades 


My being a full time housewife-mother changed Peter's attitude towards me.. He showed more openly he kind of looked down on me. While I was raising HIS childgiving up MY career for believing his lies about his racist remarks, he had the nerve to tell me he "didn’t marry a housewife". It must be true. His second wife Patricia/Pat Enborg only had children after years of their living together and when I sued him for child support ...

I started painting, that kept him happy for awhile, as he could see a new venue to fame and fortune and new hope I wouldn't stay a "stay-at-home housewife, mom".....who could neither advance his career nor could be used as a trophy to show around and boast about to boost his own image.

Portrait of Peter Rakobowchuk alias Peter Ray, I painted when still married to him. Also painted his sister and sister-in-law. He got offended by my signing my paintings using my maiden name. I was "only his wife"..a housewife at was a far cry from the respect he gave me when I was modelling director in Vancouver with the Jerry Lodge Talent Agency. I do not see "wifey", Patricia, Pat Enborg using the very "Eastern" Rakobowchuk name. Must be ashamed of it


Patricia (Pat) Enborg, present wife of my ex-husband, the young female journalist in her early-mid 20's, with much ambition, less talent and no scruples or shame started working on Parliament Hill, where Peter Rakobowchuk alias Peter Ray, now my ex-husband also worked at that time.

Peter was getting slowly but surely under her very strong influence by then, as until that time he was a good husband and a good father.

Where and how Patricia/Pat Enborg got her husband (or rather mine, with all my belongings)


close group indeed...must have been if she felt she could just take the husband of somebody else and take him home with her...I truly wonder just how many people she entertained before she actually hooked Peter ....

Agota Szabo: "Portraits of my two sisters-in-law"

About the signatures on my paintings; I just told him to tell his sisters to start painting if he wanted the Rakobowchuk name famous...