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Peter Rakobawchuk, our daughter Giselle and I with His Family at Christmas in the 80's in Montreal

Peter Rakobawchuk, our daughter Giselle and I with His Family at Christmas in the 80's in Montreal

I am a Canadian-Hungarian artist, I had lived in Canada about twenty five years, where I was legally married to Peter (Ray) Rakobowchuk alias Peter Ray, a journalist at The Canadian Press in Montreal.. We raised our daughter Giselle together in her first important and decisive years of her life with loving care until our separation... Now I live in Europe.

Giselle is Canadian by birth, grew up in Canada. After having lived and studied in Europe for years, moved back and now lives and works in Canada.

In Montreal,the Rakobowchuk family, Peter and daughter Giselle and his sisters and brother

Peter Rakobowchuk and Giselle at Christmas 

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Peter Rakobowchuk reporter for The Canadian Press in Montreal, my EX-HUSBAND, Father of GISELLE

 Peter Rakobowchuk reporter for The Canadian 
Press in Montreal, my EX-HUSBAND, Father of GISELLE

Peter Rakobowchuk a.k.a. Peter Ray my ex-husband lied in a political campaign stating he was the father of two children. With this statement he denied his first legal and biological daughter, Giselle from his first legal marriage to me in Canada, defaming both his natural daughter and his ex-wife, the mother of his child.

Even now, Peter Rakobowchuk with his campaign manager-wife, Patricia Enborg are still trying to hide his first marriage and child from the public, his peers and the voters.

As "wannabe" politicians they know well a divorce, his abandoned child, a younger, second wife wouldn't look good for the Catholic Quebec voters, in fact it would look even grotesque for a School Board Commissioner in the eyes of decent parents.

Peter Rakobowchuk has lied publicly for political and financial gains.

Wedding of Peter Rakobowchuk and Agota Szabo (70's in Ontario)

A few years ago, presenting himself as the "ideal father and family man" Peter Rakobowchuk was seeking election as Schoolboard Commissioner in Ward 15 LBPSB, Montreal, with the lie that he has only two children, keeping secret HIS first marriage, divorce, wife and child he had abandoned and left in Europe without any provisions.
He said he was involved in different roles in the community, its schools for more than five years. That means he lied about us for more than 5 years then, now it would be 10 years defaming me and his own daughter with his lies all that time.

He was a member of the Windermere Elementary and Sherwood Forest Elementary governing boards, fundraising, chaired Parents Committee of 14 schools; involved in the LBPSB Central Parents Committee and member of the Kirkland Safety and Security Committee.

Link: (CLICK on Candidates below School Board Elections

After years of my daughter and my defamation on this page: Lester B. Pearson School Board: LBPSB
the page was changed in September 2014... it has been on the internet for six years...
Yet our defamation persist as there is no retraction of the slanderous statement from Peter Rakobowchuk...that he has two children leaving out his firstborn, legal child, Giselle from his first legal marriage with Agota Szabo

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School Board Elections
Candidates Nominated
The following persons have filed Nomination Papers to run in the October 26, 2008 By-election:
Electoral Division 12
Nazia Nadeem 
(Withdrawn Sept. 26,2008)
Domenico Pavone
Susan Williams

Electoral Division 15

Conny J. Held 
(Withdrawn Oct. 2, 2008)
Don Rae
Peter Rakobowchuk
Lana Roberts

Electoral Division 12 
Domenico Pavone

Dear Parents,

Elect Domenic Pavone.

I am married and proud father of two children, one of whom attends public school and the other is too young to start, but will be soon enrolled.

I am running not for political reasons, but for the opportunity to represent you, I will be your pro-parent voice at council.

My previous international travels have shown how great a country can become when the emphasis and proper resources are put in place for education. I firmly believe that education of our children is the best investment we can make; for they will become our future leaders, doctors, presidents...

If elected I endeavor to:

•    support and augment programs for all students, notably in the mathematics, science, computer and language fields

•    communicate closely with the principals and the governing boards of the schools in Ward 12 to ensure parents needs are being met

•    as a future project, revamp the manner in which school consumable fees are collected in order to provide a direct tax benefit to parents, i.e. tax deductibility

Susan Williams

As an elementary school teacher for the past 24 years and an active volunteer in the public school system since 1992, education is my passion. My experience ranges from working in the classroom to being a long-standing member of governing board, PPO and the Central Parents’ Committee. From 2002-2007, I held the elected position of parent commissioner for secondary schools, gaining invaluable knowledge and experience as a member of the Council of Commissioners. I continue to volunteer at the LBPSB, assisting with governing board training and professional development activities for our community.

I am the mother of three LBPSB graduates, have lived in Ile Bizard since 1984, and am very familiar with the community in Ward 12. If elected, I look forward to working with all partners in education and being your voice on the Council of Commissioners, helping to ensure success for our youth and adult learners.

 Electoral Division 15

Don Rae

Structural Engineer (PEng).

A parent-volunteer of children attending  Allancroft, Beacon Hill, John Rennie, BHS, I have the background and experience to understand the Board’s needs.
I am an enthusiastic and energetic believer in the public school system and would be privileged to help fortify the Board’s future.

I  SALUTE our language teachers, and PRAISE Bilingual Graduates who seek Innovation, Consensus, not Confrontation.

1.    I will fight for prudent management of Public Funds entrusted to the Board.
2.    I will oppose government subsidies to Private Schools. We must reduce Council, meal, social, and travel expenses.
3.    As an educator I will work to reduce drop outs. I will work with my colleagues to champion “SAFE SCHOOLS”, create A CODE of CONDUCT to outlaw bullying and drug and alcohol use.
4.    I will promote additional service for Special Needs and Gifted Students.

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Peter Rakobowchuk

I am seeking election as Commissioner in Ward 15 and I would appreciate your support. As the father of two children, I have been deeply involved in numerous roles in the community and its schools for more than five years.

I have been a member of the Windermere Elementary and Sherwood Forest Elementary governing boards; helped organize Home and School fundraising activities, chaired the Sector 3 Parents Committee which represented 14 schools; and have been actively involved in the LBPSB Central Parents Committee. I am also a member of the Kirkland Safety and Security Committee.

If elected I would strive to improve communications between the board and parents, promote programs to make our schools more attractive and ensure consistent help for special needs children.

I would do my best to make sure parents and children have what they need to get the most out of their education system.

Lana Roberts

I am running for Commissioner for the L.B.P.S.B. because I believe in public education.

It is our duty to our children to afford them a place where they can blossom into responsible members of our community and society at large. To this end, our schools need not only be a building, but an environment where a child feels safe, secure, engaged and motivated to learn.

In today’s challenging economy, it is more important than ever to be fiscally responsible, and our schools are no exception. We all need to work together to ensure that resources are allocated to greatest needs.

As a parent of a child who will be entering the public school system next year, I can offer you my commitment to work with our community and leaders to ensure our public schools are not only a great place to learn, but alternatively, the schools of choice.

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The truth

Peter Rakobowchuk reporter at The Canadian Press, Montreal) was for years legally married to Agota Szabo (Canadian-Hungarian artist), divorced in the 1980's. He is the natural, legal father of Giselle, FIRST born of his 3 (THREE) children. NOT TWO. 

I met Peter Rakobowchuk alias Peter Ray (he was using this name as pseudonym in radio only, never in his private life) while I was working in Vancouver as modelling director for the legendary Marie Morton (at that time the Canadian manager of Michael J Fox, John Ireland, etc.) at Jerry Lodge Talent Agency. I moved there after years of living and working in Montreal.

Marie, some of the models at Jerry Lodge and I

"Starry-eyed" Peter Rakobowchuk at my party thrown for me by Marie and the models at Jerry Lodge Agency, home at the time to Michael J. Fox...

Peter Rakobowchuk on a trip in BC
Peter Rakobowchuk/Peter Ray in BC

Peter and I met and married in Canada, our daughter was born in Canada and we raised her together in her first years in Canada, we were, are and always will be his first, legal and legitimate family he abandoned and left at my parents' in Hungary without any kind of provisions

All these happenings, since we were living in Europe that time were unbeknownst to Giselle and I so we didn't do anything about Peter Rakobowchuk alias Peter Ray, my ex-husband's preposterous lie and he, encouraged by that and naturally by his second wife, just recently tried to get even deeper into politics, this time Patricia (Pat) Enborg herself also trying to get into the limelight, named herself as the campaign manager of Peter Rakobowchuk.