Sunday, June 22, 2014

Family Album with Peter Rakobowchuk, my Ex-husband, Giselle our Daughter and Me

Family Album with Peter Rakobowchuk, my Ex-husband, Giselle our Daughter and Me

Wedding of Peter Rakobowchuk and Agota Szabo (Ontario)

With Peter Rakobowchuk on a trip in BC

With Peter Rakobowchuk on one of our trips in BC
Peter Rakobowchuk with daughter Giselle by Lake Ontario

Peter Rakobowchuk taking Giselle his first daughter to Winterlude

Winterlude Ottawa

Giselle and I with the rest of the Rakobowchuk family

Peter Rakobowchuk with daughter Giselle, and his brother and in-law brother and sisters

The portrait I painted of Peter's sister, Olga
My sister-in-law, me and Giselle

Marie, my other sister-in-law, also Giselle's godmother 

Peter Rakobowchuk with his first daughter, Giselle in Ottawa

Monday, June 16, 2014

Former CBC Broadcast Journalist, Don Newman, Peter Rakobowchuk, CP Reporter, Patricia/Pat Enborg, Second Wife of PeterRakobowchuk alias Peter Ray and Giselle Rakobowchuk, All Going to Parliament Hill at the Same Time...anno...

 Don Newman, former CBC Broadcaster, Peter Rakobowchuk, CP Reporter, Patricia/Pat Enborg, Second Wife of PeterRakobowchuk alias Peter Ray and Giselle Rakobowchuk, All Going to Parliament Hill at the Same Time...anno...

Giselle Rakobowchuk, my daughter (father Peter Rakobowchuk, reporter for The Canadian Press in Montreal) had moved back to Canada also several years ago for a while, before her studies at a Hungarian university. Many people from Ottawa would probably recognize Hy's and remember my daughter as well, as she made quite a few friends there. She worked at the reception.

Giselle, daughter of Peter Rakobowchuk with two co-workers at Hy's Ottawa

It seems Don Newman, former CBC broadcast journalist is still just as great of an 
Ottawa Hy's  patron now as he was when Giselle worked there years ago

Giselle, daughter of Peter Rakobowchuk with Don Newman, a great patron of Hy's Ottawa

I used to think of Don Newman CBC's former broadcast journalist as a real gentleman. In the circle of Giselle's friends and acquaintances back in Canada thenfew people cared to ask her about me or my well-being. Don was one of those rare ones, who never forgot to ask my daughter "and how is your mother Giselle" ... 

Don Newman started work on Parliament Hill about the same time we moved to Ottawa as Peter, my husband got transferred to Ottawa as parliamentary reporter. Don Newman and Peter Rakobowchuk my ex-husband, Giselle's father worked on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, and were members of The Parliamentary Press Gallery at the same time for some years.

Patricia/Pat Enborg
 the present, second wife of Peter Rakobowchuk alias Peter Ray (with the world being as small as it is) also worked at that time on Parliament Hill as a reporter.
I often wonder now just how an Ontario gal, in her early-mid 20's could have gotten such a prestigious job on Parliament Hill, with a Manitoba paper (Selkirk News). Especially in the 80's! She couldn't have had the experience at her age (at least not in journalism)

I, the trusty, gullible housewife stayed at home, raising our small daughter and kept house for Peter, Giselle and me.

Even Giselle was going to Parliament Hill for a while then. Of course, I am speaking about The Parliament Hill daycare. 

Peter Rakobowchuk and Giselle, his daughter by Lake Ontario

from the shores of Lake Ontario...

to  Ottawa... 

Our flat with our car in Ottawa

Peter Rakobowchuk, at home with our daughter Giselle

Many years later...

Andrea at the reception 

Friday, April 18, 2014

"The Portrait of Peter"... oil painting on canvas of Peter Rakobowchuk alias Peter Ray by Agota Szabo

"The Portrait of Peter"... oil painting on canvas of Peter Rakobowchuk alias Peter Ray by Agota Szabo

Peter Rakobowchuk alias Peter Ray my ex-husband with the portrait I painted of him while we were still together

Peter Rakobowchuk

Wedding of Peter Rakobowchuk and Agota Szabo (Ontario)

Meeting someone else and leave a partner is an everyday happening now.
Divorce is socially accepted  by most rational thinking people everywhere.

But raising your child for some years, then leave and let her grow up without as much as a postcard or a call, without showing her any interest, never wanting to see his own child, would be incomprehensible and unacceptable to decent, rational thinking people everywhere.

Peter Rakobowchuk and daughter Giselle, Christmas in Ottawa

Any child treasures a toy given to her by a parent personally or even sent by mail for a birthday or for Christmas...

As her father, after he left, never visited her (now its a fact it was Patricia/Pat Enborg behind this decision, as Peter admitted to Giselle some months ago he needed the permission of "Pat" even now, after all these years to meet Giselle again)
Giselle and I used to watch the news on television to see if we could catch a glimpse at him...
we did see him quite a few times, then as it was very one-sided thing; father on TV but not in real life, so after a while, we stopped.
I lived with Peter for about six years and he always used to manage to put his face on a camera during a news conference somewhere, somehow so, it is kind of strange that we have not seen him anywhere, on photos, news conferences, interviews... yet he, or rather his name appear regularly and a lot in the mainstream media...and he also tweets in secret...

A fairly extensive search on the net revealed that it is Patricia (Pat) Enborg the "tech savvy" in that family, with Facebook, Twitter, Blog accounts (except for a secret Twitter and an unused Google+ account none of these for Peter Rakobowchuk alias Peter Ray). So naturally it makes one wonder, who actually manages the Peter_R_Space account. She is also a journalist. A "hasbeen" but nevertheless still a journalist, quite capable of writing articles and tweets.

 Peter Rakobowchuk alias Peter Ray, my ex-husband, Giselle's father

I painted this portrait of Peter Rakobowchuk alias Peter Ray, when we were married, also painted his sister and his brother's wife. He got offended by my signing my paintings using my maiden name. At that time, officially I used the Agota Rakobowchuk name... so according to him after all I was "only his wife" ...a housewife at was a far cry from the respect he gave me when I was modelling director in Vancouver with the Jerry Lodge Talent Agency, at the time home to Michael J. Fox, Kim Cattrall, etc... Marie Morton, (one of the nicest, kindest persons in my life) the legendary talent agent and owner of the agency was also the Canadian representative of John Ireland...and many more very talented people...

I met Peter Rakobowchuk alias Peter Ray (he was using this name as pseudonym in radio only, never in his private life) while I was working in Vancouver as modelling director for the legendary Marie Morton (at that time the Canadian manager of Michael J Fox, John Ireland, etc.) at Jerry Lodge Talent Agency. I moved there after years of living and working in Montreal. 

Marie and me at her home

Marie and Michael

Marie, Marlene her boyfriend, some Jerry Lodge models and I

Peter Rakobowchuk with "stars in his eyes" at my party given for me by the models at Jerry Lodge and Marie Morton the personal manager of Michael J. Fox
Peter Rakobowchuk and I on one of our trips in BC

Peter Rakobowchuk on a trip in BC

Peter Rakobowchuk alias Peter Ray and I met and married in Canada, our daughter was born in Canada and we raised her together in her first years in Canada, we were, are and always will be his first, legal and legitimate family 

When Peter Rakobowchuk alias Peter Ray could only find another job back east he enticed me to go with him, leave behind great friends (many were like family to me), a great career and a beautiful place only to work at a bigger talent agency in Toronto, giving him more chances to advance his own career, eventually getting him into TV to become famous. That was the plan...instead, I soon became a full time housewife and a mother and his attitude was changing, showing more openly as if he looked down on me...I started painting... that kept him happy for awhile. Again he could see a venue to fame and fortune and renewed his faith that I wouldn't stay an "ordinary housewife, a "stay-at-home mom",...who could neither  advance his career nor could be used as a trophy to show around and boast about to boost his own image.

Glamour has a tendency to fade with keeping house for a husband, a baby and a Great Dane...

and so together with glamour does the love of a gigolo type husband, too fade...

Peter Rakobowchuk and his first daughter Giselle

Peter was getting slowly but surely under somebody's strong influence by then, as until that time he was a good husband and a good father. 
Patricia (Pat) Enborg, present, second wife of my ex-husband, the young female journalist in her early-mid 20's, with much ambition less scruples started working on Parliament Hill, where Peter Rakobowchuk alias Peter Ray, now my ex-husband also worked at that time.
Small world...

About the signatures on my paintings; I just told him to ask his sisters to start painting if he wanted the Rakobowchuk name famous...

Agota Szabo: "Portraits" oil on canvas  (Peter's sister and sister-in-law)